Monday, June 18, 2012

Anthropologie brooch/hair clip with sparkles, oh my!

Looking lovely on my sweater!

It's a, it's a's BOTH!

What is it? Anthropologie pin/hair clip combo!

Measurements, please?: 4 inches in diameter 

What's it made of? 
um...not sure. Some type of synthetic fabric!

Some details: This clip was purchased full price because I loved it that much. Then I chopped off all my hair and never wore it. Never done *that* before (said in sarcastic voice which can't be heard over the Internets). 

There are three sparkly rhinestones on this beauty. Wear it in your hair or on your sweater, it's so pretty! The fabric is prone to fraying, so I may suggest putting a fray-stop on the edges (or maybe clear nail polish). 

How much? $10 which includes shipping.

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